HEY HO, LETS GO and get some VINYL!

THE RAMONES! – Say no more! Now we’re talking!!! Continuing with our releases in conjunction with leading vinyl reissue specialist Let Them Eat Vinyl (www.facebook.com/letthemeatvinyl) we are proud to bring you an entire range of vinyl releases by the legendary RAMONES.  All of the releases come with gatefold sleeves, are limited to 1000 copies and are pressed on coloured vinyl with some even coming as double LP’s! These are quality collector’s item releases. We have:

RAMONES – THE CRETIN HOP – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=232
RAMONES – BRAIN DRAIN – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=234
RAMONES – MONDO BIZARRO – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=237
RAMONES – ACID EATERS – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=236
RAMONES – ADIOS AMIGOS – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=235
RAMONES – LOCO LIVE – http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=233

Remember there’s only 1000 of these WORLDWIDE!